Thursday, May 1, 2008

Ching Hai on climate change

She has three solutions to the climate/global warming crisis:

1. Change to a better, nobler habit, namely be a vegan or vegetarian.
2. Produce and use sustainable energy such as wind power, sun power, wave power, etc.
3. Everybody can plant a couple of trees. Plant trees wherever it is barren; plant trees wherever there are no trees, no forest.

It is simplistic but , maybe simple is what we need.

I would change a few things:

1) Support and Eat local organic and biocide/GMO free farmed vegetarian fare

2) Stop using oil/petroleum products period, and other non-renewables in addition to using bicycles, wind,solar, hydro, etc.

3) Plant organic gardens, and trees/plants that are grown without biocides or GE, and native to your region

4)Stop all chemical agriculture, and supporting the chemical companies.

5)Stop all GMO GE nonsense.

6)Educate others how to live sustainably and regeneratively.

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