Sunday, May 4, 2008

Remineralize soils

Remineralizing soils through harsh chemicals, damages the soils,
and the plants, and leaches into groundwater.

Rock powder, or dehydrated sea water are two ways you can naturally
remineralize and thereby create healthy soils.

Compost tea

Compost tea is one of the most beneficial ways of creating healthy
plants and soil.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Monsanto Documentary update

Well it seems Google Video has pulled 'The World According to Monsanto'
from the archives, so you can either search Youtube, or
go here:

Which puts all the parts on Youtube on one page.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Genetically Engineered Stats

We are in the second decade of GMO crops, the twelveth year.

12 years of experimental crops with proven risks and negative effects.

Statistics about acreage , production, of genetically modified plants:

(This report particularly informative)

In 2007 -- 114. million hectares on a global basis

a 12% increase in acreage or 12.3 mi hectares

Also multiple traits, 2-3 traits, measured in trait hectares

If measured by t-hec it's 2x the growth, or 22% growth

Over the laast 12 years there have been

12 million farmers , 23 countries,

2 countries joined ---poland & chile joined in 2007

11 million farmers of biotech crops in "developing" countries

3.6 Billion people or 55% of the global population live in the 23 countries that grew biotech crops in 2007

North American acreage grew 3.1 million hectares, 37% of that multiple traits

India with the biggest increase grew 63% 6.2 million hectares planted by 3.8 million farmers planting BT Cotton

Growth increased by 9% in China 3.8 mi hectares by 7.1 million farmers

Brazil increased 22% to 15 mi hectares, 14.5 was soy, remainder .5 mi BT Cotton

Argentina maintained 2nd position in biotech acreage

South Africa a 30% Increase in growth mostly in white maize for food

Increased to 8 countries in EU , 77% increase, above 100,000 hectares for the
first time

By 2015 the countries are expected to double acreage to 200,000,000 hectares

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Seed banks, Heirloom Organic, Non Treated seeds

The issue of seed saving, and replanting seeds , and seed storage are
issues of great concern to all of us...

More awareness needs to be raised about this complex and
important issue. Especially with regard to 'treated seeds' and
GMO seeds.

Also Seeds stored in seed banks adapt to their storage, so they need
to be replanted...

Every organic farmer should know how to save their seed.

Effects of Chemical Agriculture

Effects of Chemical Ag:

Statistics of Ag chemical use:

"Return to the Good Earth" book depicting the effects of chemical agriculture:

Ching Hai on climate change

She has three solutions to the climate/global warming crisis:

1. Change to a better, nobler habit, namely be a vegan or vegetarian.
2. Produce and use sustainable energy such as wind power, sun power, wave power, etc.
3. Everybody can plant a couple of trees. Plant trees wherever it is barren; plant trees wherever there are no trees, no forest.

It is simplistic but , maybe simple is what we need.

I would change a few things:

1) Support and Eat local organic and biocide/GMO free farmed vegetarian fare

2) Stop using oil/petroleum products period, and other non-renewables in addition to using bicycles, wind,solar, hydro, etc.

3) Plant organic gardens, and trees/plants that are grown without biocides or GE, and native to your region

4)Stop all chemical agriculture, and supporting the chemical companies.

5)Stop all GMO GE nonsense.

6)Educate others how to live sustainably and regeneratively.