Thursday, April 24, 2008

Voices for Traditional Herbal Medicine

Some really nasty things in store for future traditional medicine
practioners and anyone who uses herbs.

All owing to the TMC :

From (The GOOD guys)

The TMC Regulatory Model Proposes to:

Establish herbs as medicines instead of as dietary supplements — the pharmaceuticalization of herbal products.

Set manufacturing and labeling standards for traditional medicines that would be financially prohibitive to all but large companies.

Standardize and restrict criteria for ingredients and formulas classified as traditional medicine.

Create legal qualifications as to who can dispense traditional medicine products, restricting access to herbs and other traditional medicines.

Establish an industry advisory body working within the federal government.

Create a federal regulatory model that is similarly structured to international directives that has damaged practitioners, consumers and especially herbalism.

Undermine DSHEA (The Dietary Supplement Heath and Education Act of 1994)

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